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Vehicle Maintenance

Upstate Auto Body & Auto Repair our car care professionals will keep your vehicle running
Keeping your vehicle maintained and serviced can extend it's life. Following proper guidelines will help your vehicle produce the way you expect it to. We handle domestic & import vehicle repairs and services. From simple Oil Changes, Transmission Service, Cooling System Service, A/C service, Tire Rotations and much more. Give us a call today. (864) 986-8402.

Oil Change / Oil Service
Domestic or Import, Gasoline or Diesel we can service your vehicle while you wait or you can schedule your next appointment with us. We offer full synthetic and synthetic blend oil changes. Each service includes a free visual inspection of over 40 different items to keep you aware of any problems or issues that your vehicle may have. Some of the items we check are but not limited to wipers, lights, horn, belts, hoses, tires, suspension components, steering linkage and related items, and much more. Our goal is to eliminate the need to call a tow truck because of a component failure. We keep your vehicle safe and reliable.

Transmission Service
If your vehicle has an automatic transmission then it must be serviced to obtain the maximum life from it. If you tow with your vehicle your transmission will be need to be serviced more often. We recommend having your transmission fluid checked at each service to stay on top of any potential issues. Always follow your manufacturers recommendations on when to have your transmission serviced. We recommend to have your transmission fluid changed no more than every two years or 45,000 miles. (certain vehicles contain lifetime fluid and we would not recommend changing it at all)

A/C Service
Your A/C system generally doesn't require any service until you detect a problem. If for some reason you feel it is not performing the way it should be please give us a call for your free A/C check-up (864)986-8402

Tire Rotation
To get the maximum mileage from your tires we recommend to have your tires rotated every 7-10k miles. We offer tire rotations upon request as a free service on your automobile when you have us perform an oil change service.

Fleet Services
We know that your fleet needs to be at peak performance to keep your business going. At Upstate Auto Body & Auto Repair we offer fleet services to meet you requirements. Each time one of your vehicles hits our service bays you can rest assured you will know if and when it needs something. You rely on your vehicle to perform so your can rely on us to perform any and all repairs to keep your vehicle in tip top shape. Our fleet customers enjoy a discounted labor rate. Call (864)986-8402 for details.