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Steering & Suspension Service

Do you feel like you are on a boat when driving down the road? Does every bump you hit feel like you blew out a tire?
Maybe you have a suspension issue. Your suspension not only makes your ride more comfortable but it also helps your vehicle stop more effectively. Worn out suspension also wears tires out. Nothing worse than putting new tires on and finding out in 6 months you need to replace them again because you had a bad ball joint.

Suspension Checks
Your suspension takes a beating. When one component becomes worn or damaged the other parts must work harder to compensate for the worn or broken suspension piece. This can cause stress on other components therefore wearing them out prematurely. If a front suspension component is worn it could also drastically affect your steering. You may not feel the difference but the power steering system could be working harder.

Some Symptoms
Depending on how badly worn your CV Axle is there could be some symptoms

  • Vibration on acceleration
  • Clunk or popping noise when turning corners
  • Noises when performing parking lot maneuvers
  • Any noise you might not be able to identify

This list is not exhaustive and is only a guideline. If you suspect an issue with your CV Axle feel free to stop by or give us a call (864)986-8402 to have us take a look at it. At Upstate Auto Body & Auto Repair we inspect your CV axles at every service to help keep you aware of any potential issues with your CV Axles.