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CV Axle Repair

Do you hear a clicking or popping noise when turning? It could be your CV Axle
CV Axles are most commonly found on front wheel drive vehicles. They are also found on 4WD trucks and European vehicles too. You probably know if your vehicle has one. You also know that is what send the power from the transmission to spin your wheel so you can make it to church or drop the kids off at school.

About your CV Axle
CV or Constant Velocity joints are flexible joints mounted on either end of the axle. They have protective boots that hold grease and keep the bearings inside protected from dirt, water and other foreign materials. If there is a tear or rip in either of these boots the grease that was once protecting the joint is being spun onto different parts of the underside of your vehicle. That when the problems starts.As the foreign materials enter into the joints they begin to break down and will eventually cause you problems or maybe even having to be towed.

Some Symptoms
Depending on how badly worn your CV Axle is there could be some symptoms

  • Vibration on acceleration
  • Clunk or popping noise when turning corners
  • Noises when performing parking lot maneuvers
  • Any noise you might not be able to identify

This list is not exhaustive and is only a guideline. If you suspect an issue with your CV Axle feel free to stop by or give us a call (864)986-8402 to have us take a look at it. At Upstate Auto Body & Auto Repair we inspect your CV axles at every service to help keep you aware of any potential issues with your CV Axles.