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Brake Service

Our brake professionals will get your vehicle stopping safely in no time.
We offer different options based on your needs. First we inspect your braking system to determine what parts your vehicle will need to get your brakes working properly again. Then we show you what failed or what needs to be replaced. Our brake pads come in different quality and price ranges but all will stop you safely. Give us a call and get your free estimate on your brake service today. (864) 986-8402.

Brake rotor / Brake Drum
We can resurface your rotor / drum or replace it with a quality part. Our goal is to meet your expectations on budget and we will exceed your expectations of service.

Brake Fluid Service
We can replace all of your brake systems brake fluid using our transfusion process. This service includes replacement of the brake fluid in the resevoir and bleeding the brake lines to help remove any contaminants within the system. We use brake fluid that meets or exceeds the manufacturers specifications. This process normally takes less than one hour.

Free Pick Up & Delivery Assistance
Our auto body & auto repair shop can take the hassle out of having your brake service performed. You have many options when the service is taking place. You can of course wait in our customer area. We can drop you off at a place nearby or bring you home. We also can schedule you in when you are at work to pick your vehicle up and perform the brake service while you are working and when it is complete we can drop it back off without you having to be bothered while on your free time.

No Worries
You can rest assured that Upstate Auto Body & Auto Repair will get your brake system up and stopping you safely after we perform the requested brake service. Our brake service comes with a warranty. Give us a call today to set up your brake service appointment (864) 986-8402